Car Respraying

Point Cook Collision Repairs are a VACC accredited body repairer

Whether you’ve had an accident, or want to restore your ride, a quality respray can bring new life to a damaged or old car.

VACC is a company that’s had a strong reputation for over 100 years for high quality refinishing systems and paint solutions in the industry.

It means we can guarantee you a world class refinish job on your car.

Quality respray

Respraying is an expertise. When you get a car resprayed with us, you can be sure that the right techniques will be used from start to finish. This includes:

  • colour matching and identification
  • sanding
  • body filling
  • priming
  • paint application
  • polishing

The team that work on your car continually update their skills and knowledge of best practices in the refinishing industry – including practical use of specialised equipment.

Innovative technology

We use a low bake ovens to create a dust free and stable environment for spraying. It’s kept at a consistent temperature – and keeps harmful paint gases from being released into the environment.

Only high grade paints are used – paints that have low solvent content for more vibrant colours – and are as hard as enamel.

Worried about paint matching?

Don’t be – our comprehensive colour matching system and leading edge electronic spectro analysis equipment will accurately match your car’s original paint colour whether it’s a solid, matt, metallic or pearlescent finish.

You’ll get a smooth, rich, long lasting glossy finish.

Car respray service

  • High grade paints
  • Latest refinishing techniques
  • Professional and personal service
  • Quick turnover
  • Lifetime refinish warranty.