Windscreen Replacement

It starts off as a nick. So tiny. Not a big deal. Easy to ignore.

But over time, it can get worse. With heavy rain. Heat. Rocks. And road debris – compliments of the seemingly growing parade of monster trucks on the road.

The nick becomes a small crack.
That somehow crawls into a huge spiderweb across the entire windscreen. Threatening to shatter into a thousand pieces with the gentlest nudge…

Windscreen replacement specialists

  • Quality glass compliant with Aussie standards
  • Loan car service
  • Work carried out to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Quick turnover.

Quality glass compliant with Australian standards

When your windscreen is replaced at Point Cook Collision Repairs, you can expect us to use only glass that is 100% compliant with Aussie standards.

These standards consider such aspects as: glazing, size, cut, angle, position, material, and markings of the windscreen.

We only use glass that has been put through rigorous tests: abrasion test, high temperature test, humidity test, fragmentation test, and many more. All of this to make sure you have a windscreen that’s safe while driving – and in an accident.

Lifetime workmanship guarantee

Our tradesmen are trained to stay up to date on all the latest techniques. They also have many years of experience repairing and replacing windscreens. So when we work on your windscreen, you can be sure it’ll be a perfect fix – and a perfect fit. Every time.

“I had a great outcome on the repairs to my vehicle and was pleasantly surprised how quickly it was done. Courtesy cars add a nice touch and overall the service was excellent. Will return as or when needed again.”
– Trevor Button