Here at Point Cook Collision Repairs we not only focus on quality repairs today, but how we continue to deliver excellence and a better tomorrow.
Sustainability is a focus that we look at in everything we do, were serious about minimising our carbon footprint, caring for our environment and fostering a cleaner future.

Focusing on a number of areas of our business, Point Cook Collision Repairs strives not to simply follow when it comes to sustainability, or do the minimum, but like all areas of its service delivery, we look to lead and set the bar in the Collision Repair industry.
Being environmentally conscious doesn’t come cheap, but putting a price on our teams and customers health and the future for all our kids tomorrow is a price worth paying.

To give you an idea of just some of the ways we work for a cleaner today and tomorrow, our Truganina facility encompasses the following green conscious products:

Water based (non-solvent) paints.

Following the trend of all class leading Automotive Manufacturers, Point Cook Collision Repairs has moved away from solvent based paints to class leading water based products.

Providing not only showroom finish lifetime guaranteed paint for your car, but doing so with a much lower impact to the environment, minimising the need for chemicals, from manufacture, all the way through to application.

Direct Drive Variable Speed Compressor.

Acquiring the latest in hi tech, efficiency leading compressors. The compressor powering the air to our entire facility utilises a direct drive, variable speed motor drive, that only uses the power it needs to supply the air required at that specific time.

What that means is lower power consumption (by up to 50%) drastically reducing Point Cook Collision Repairs Electricity needs and Carbon footprint on its single most power intensive component.

Solar Panel Array

Using energy efficient air and electric tools and products is a great step forward, but actually generating our power needs from the sun and sharing that through the grid to help power other businesses and homes is even better. 

Our massive roof mounted Photovoltaic Solar array looks to generate a significant portion of our power needs, reducing our reliance on coal fuelled electricity generation. All the while also giving back to the community when were not hard at work, providing excess power back into the grid, providing green power to our community.

EV Connectivity and Charging

Harnessing the power from the sun, we also look to power the green cars of the future. At Point Cook Collision Repairs, we support EV and Hybrid Technology as a way of making cleaner cars for tomorrow. As such our premises is fitted with Electric Vehicle Type 1 and Type 2 charging points throughout our facility, allowing us to charge EV and Hybrid vehicles undergoing repairs and allowing our customers to charge their own cars, right in our carpark whilst onsite.

Triple waist Filtration

it’s not just about minimising the waist and pollutants for Point Cook Collision Repairs, it’s about ensuring we do everything we can to capture and clean any pollutants on site. As such we have installed a class leading underground triple waist filtration unit that captures and filters all the water utilised inside our premisses. Actively filtering, neutralising and removing any contaminants, ensuring the water that flows back into the storm water is as clean and pollutant free as possible.

These are just a few ways Point Cook Collision repairs works not only to provide you the best service and repairs in the industry, but to also help build a cleaner and greener future for all of us tomorrow. 

So rest assured when your using Point Cook Collision Repairs to care for your car, have the comfort in knowing not only you’re in good hands, but you too are doing your bit to help to ensure your repairs are being carried out in the most Environmental friendly manner we know.